• Elise May

    Elise May

    Skin Nutritious was founded by holistic esthetician and nutritionist, Elise May, herself a life-long acne warrior. In 2009, Elise was volunteering in rural Guatemala when she noticed a dramatic shift in the quality of her skin. Her long-term acne was finally resolving itself and healthy skin started to appear. The secret was in her diet. During her time in Guatemala, Elise subsisted on wholesome, fresh vegetables and fruit in a primarily plant-based diet. No junk food, no processed sugar in sight. It was this discovery that began a path to thoroughly understanding the cause and effect that diet and environment have on our skin. After achieving certifications as an esthetician, nutritionist, and life coach, along with a BA in psychology, Skin Nutritious was born. Dedicated to her craft, Elise has gone on to complete post-education courses in naturopathy, dermatology, and cosmetic chemistry in UCSF, UCLA, and more.

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